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Helping Organizations Fight Hunger, one community at a time.

Food Pantry Helper is a reliable, easy to use, web based solution to manage your Food Pantry. It includes Client List Tracking, Client Pickups Tracking, Inventory Tracking, Grants Tracking, Donor Tracking and Volunteer Tracking.

You may contact Food Pantry Helper by email at info@foodpantryhelper.com or via postal service: PO Box 787, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866.

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Support for existing subscribers: Support is available via email. Our goal is to answer you within 24 hours.
Please send support requests from your Account UserID (email address you use to log in) so we may verify request is authorized.

Include a description of your question along with screenshots if available (helps us understand and serve your request faster).

Support email address: info@FoodPantryHelper.com

Considering Food Pantry Helper? Please send us your question and we would be happy to assist.

Contact email address: info@FoodPantryHelper.com

Contact Address: Creating Genius, Inc. (operators of Food Pantry Helper) PO Box 787, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866.