Detects when your Pantry may be serving the same client that another Pantry is also serving.

This feature is optional. Each pantry decides if they want to use this feature.

CoServe FAQ:

Is this feature secure?
Yes, only you determine if you want to share and with what pantry you share information with. In addition, only client name, email, phone, cell is shown (not any other personal information).

How do we turn on this feature?
This feature is turned OFF by default. You will need to click a button within control panel and agree to turn on this feature.

How do we turn off this feature?
You may turn off the feature at anytime by choosing Off within control panel.

Once Co-Serve feature is turned on, what other pantries will we share information with?
You will see a list of neighboring Pantries who also have the feature turned on and then you may request permission from that pantry to share.

What client information will be revealed?
Only partial client information will show. (Name of Client)

What criteria will trigger information to be revealed?
When the system detects similar name / email / phone / cell of clients within the client databases of two pantries.

Will a list of all of our client's information be revealed?
NO. Only clients that the system detects as similar. (and only the client name, email, phone , cell will be show to other Pantry)

Will all Pantries be able to see my Client information?
Pantries by default DO NOT SHARE information with one another. You have to give another Pantry permission to be able to see your client data. (and only partial Client Data)

What should a pantry do when a Co-Served client is detected?
Your pantry determines what action to take based your policies and practices.

Does this feature cost extra?
No, this feature is included with your subscription.