Account Name Policy.

Account Names (the email address you use to create account acts as your userid)

It is strongly recommended that the Email Address you use belong to the Organization that is applying for an account.
The email address should identify your organization. Personal Email addresses will be accepted but we do not recommend it.
The email address used for your account can not be changed. It is connnected to your account and all of your data.

We strongly recommend that the email address belong to your organization for several reasons:

1) It helps us identify your organization as a not-for-profit. (and therefore offer you discount subscription)
2) It assures organization maintains account accessibility if a key member leaves your organization.
3) It helps us identify who you are when you contact us for support.

Helpful information to know about applying for an account:

1) Fees will be collected prior to giving you account acccess.
2) Fees are NON-Refundable. Partial refunds will NOT be given for unused subscription times.
3) We recommend you apply using your organization email address. Any domain name extension is acceptable (.com, .edu, .org, .net, etc ...).

Our goal to help you help your community. For us to support the many Food Pantries who use Food Pantry Helper, we need your help in adhering to our account policy. Sorry no exceptions will be made.